The Children's Reading Room

Welcome to the Children's Reading Room at the Museum of Unnatural Mystery. Here you'll find a selection of stories you can print out and read to your children over and over again. Some of the characters have put their own homepage up on the web here for you to visit too!

To print a story just select the one you like. After it finishes loading, select "file" menu on your browser. Most browsers have a "print" button on that menu..

The Bunny Stories

Bunny's Friends' Homepages

Bunny and the Robot

Bunny's Page

Bunny and the Haunted House

Mugsy's Page

Bunny and the Pirates

Blue Penguin's Page

Bunny and the Scary Movie

Sharky's Page

Bunny and the Wild and Crazy Sheep

FRED-2000's Page

The Stories Below are only one page in length and designed for younger children to read themselves:
Bunny has a new friend: Zebop. Check out the new book series The Martian Who Looked Like a Dog by the author of these Bunny Stories on the Museum of UnNatural Mystery Press page.

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